Be Compliant With The Life Safety Code® to Keep Residents Safe

June 8, 2018 | Hospital SecurityNews and EventsSenior Living Security

Be Compliant With The Life Safety Code® to Keep Residents Safe

Today’s healthcare systems are continually challenged to remain compliant with ever-changing government rules and regulations. The Life Safety Code® (NFPA 101) is one example. This set of requirements covers the construction, protection and operational features of your facilities and is designed to provide safety from fire, smoke and panic.

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Life Safety Specialist Surveyors from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and their partner agencies conduct life safety surveys as part of the accreditation process. These surveys are conducted at the discretion of CMS to determine your facility’s compliance.

Is your health care or nursing facility up to date? Do you know for sure that your building will protect the lives of patients and staff during a fire? Can you properly assess your buildings to ensure you are compliant with these complex requirements?

At Signal Technologies, we know and understand the interpretations and exceptions to the Life Safety Code®. We know how they apply to our systems and how to help you maintain compliance through cost-effective measures.

Our Customer Support Agreement is designed to ensure your facility is up to date and compliant with regulations. Prepare for your next survey and ensure your facility is ready when the inspection takes place. Signal Technologies will:

  • Maintain any equipment we have installed
  • Test and certify equipment purchased from another vendor
  • Certify your systems to ensure every device is working prior to inspection
  • In the critical 90-day window, we can make repairs and install new equipment

Be proactive in ensuring problems don’t occur at the worst possible times. Our customers put their trust in us every day to support their facilities and people 24/7. They know that every solution we provide is tailored to ensure the best outcome and all work is handled efficiently, accurately and with minimum disturbance to their facility.

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