Asset Tracking and Real-Time Locating

What is Asset Tracking and Real-Time Locating?

For hospitals, continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), and other healthcare facilities, safety and quality of care are major concerns. Keeping patients and residents safe and secure is an essential part of the care process, as is minimizing inefficiencies and improving workflows. With the highly complex environment common to many healthcare facilities, however, this can be difficult to accomplish.

Thankfully, recent technological advances in the tracking of staff, patients, and equipment have made it possible for healthcare facilities to save time, improve efficiency, ensure the safety of staff and patients alike, and improve patient care — all at the same time.

Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) technology empowers hospital and retirement community staff with the ability to track and locate staff, patients, and equipment in real-time. These systems function in much the same way as GPS technology, allowing staff to track the position of essential assets throughout a facility.

This technology goes beyond simple tracking, however. In addition to monitoring the location of assets, real-time locating technology can be integrated with other hospital systems in order to provide valuable data insights and analytics. This data can reduce costs, improve patient care, and streamline workflows — all while promoting the safety of patients and staff.

Asset Tracking and RTLS Solutions from Signal Technologies

At Signal Technologies, we’re proud to offer the latest in asset tracking and real-time locating systems to our customers.

While many security systems are capable of offering asset tracking and RTLS solutions via integration with one of our technology partners, a number of systems also offer this technology natively. Critical Alert, our state of the art nurse call system, is one such example. For continuing care retirement communities, our Secure Care system can track and analyze staff and equipment while also monitoring patient movement.

Signal works with a range of healthcare facilities in designing, installing, and implementing state of the art asset tracking and real-time location systems technology. Partner facilities include:


How to Pick the Right Asset Tracking and Real-Time Locating System for Your Healthcare Facility

When choosing an asset tracking and real-time locating system for your facility, it’s important to have an understanding of your facility’s needs.

Asset tracking and RTLS solutions go beyond simply monitoring staff, patient, and equipment movement. Rather, these solutions offer valuable insights into workflows and processes within your facility. The latest real-time locating system technology is capable of improving workflow efficiency, boosting awareness of bed-level presence amongst caregivers, and streamlining staff reporting.

At Signal, we take the time to engage with our partner facilities in detail to determine precisely what their needs are. This allows our healthcare facility partners to choose a system that meets their needs, offering them the advantages they’re looking for.

Choosing Your Security and Communications Provider

Asset tracking solutions can be complex, and it’s important to choose a provider with experience. At Signal, we’re proud of our 25 year track record in the security and communications industry.

When you need help or have questions, your security and communications provider should be available for assistance. Signal technicians are available to answer your questions 24/7. Our technicians can often diagnose issues remotely, allowing them to quickly resolve a system problem over the phone.

Real-time locating systems sometimes require maintenance, and it’s important to select a security provider with the necessary expertise. Signal’s team of highly trained technicians respond to maintenance calls in a timely manner, ensuring that your system stays up and running and minimizing downtime.

Security and communications systems are inherently complex, particularly for larger facilities with large numbers of staff and patients. The experts at Signal Technologies will work with your facility manager to design a system that meets your needs. Once your system has been installed and integrated into your facility, we offer training and guidance for staff to ensure that your new system is used correctly. Additionally, we’ll help you ensure that the system complies with applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.
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