Nurse Call Systems

What Is a Nurse Call System?

For nursing and health care facilities of all types and sizes, it’s essential that patients and residents have the ability to reach nursing staff in the event of an emergency. Critical communications have to be relayed efficiently, reliably, and in such a way as to enable an immediate response on the part of caregivers.

Today, nurse call technology has evolved into high tech, fully integrated systems with features like wireless capability and mobile phone integration. This expanded feature set allows for improved patient care. In order to be truly effective, however, these systems must also be easy to learn, easy to use, and highly reliable. They should also enable efficient, trackable workflows in order to streamline internal processes and ensure that patients and residents receive the care they need.


Nurse Call Systems from Signal Technologies

Our nurse call systems are ideal for health care facilities of all types and sizes. We pride ourselves on providing our partners with the most up to date technologies available. Our critical alert systems are both user-friendly and technologically advanced. These systems are highly customizable and can grow with your facility over time.

With our Smart Locator system, your facility can track staff and equipment in real time. Our ReportLink system gives you the ability to gain valuable insights from data and enhance patient care, while our wireless Response Care system allows for maximum flexibility.

Our nurse call systems feature:

  • Reporting and paging capabilities
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Call escalation capabilities
  • Practical, efficient workflows
  • Real time patient location
  • All of these features combine to ensure that every aspect of a patient call — from the moment the call is placed, to the caregiver’s response — is appropriately tracked and streamlined.

    Signal Technologies provides emergency call systems and nurse call systems to a range of professional facilities, including:

  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Skilled nursing facilities
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Dementia care facilities
  • At Signal, we recognize that every facility has unique needs. Our experience working with a wide range of health care facilities ensures that we can design and implement the right nurse call system for you.


    How to Choose the Right Nurse Call System for Your Facility

    When choosing a nurse call system, it’s essential that the system’s features meet your facility’s needs. At the same time, it’s important to design a system that meets budgetary constraints, matching necessary features with your facility’s budget.

    Our audio-based emergency call systems allow for 2-way communication between patients and caregivers, while our tone-based systems allow patients to notify a caregiver when they’re in need of assistance. We also offer both wired and wireless nurse call systems, depending on your facility’s needs.

    When you choose Signal Technologies as your security and communications provider, our team of experts will work with your facility management to select the feature set best suited to your needs and budget.


    Choosing Your Security and Communications Provider

    With more than 25 years of experience, Signal Technologies is committed to meeting the needs of our partner facilities.

    We’re proud to offer our partners 24/7 support for their emergency call systems, ensuring that you can reach a certified technician any time of day or night. With the ability to link to your system remotely, our technicians can often diagnose issues immediately and determine the proper course of action.

    No matter how reliable a system might be, maintenance is inevitable. Our highly trained technicians can quickly troubleshoot any issue you might experience, acquire any parts that may be needed, and perform repairs in a timely manner.

    Whether your facility is large or small, it’s important to ensure that your nurse call system is properly installed and integrated with your existing communication systems and workflows. Our experienced team can work with your facility directors to seamlessly integrate your new system into your facility, all while ensuring that the system is in compliance with Federal, State, and local regulations.

    Why Signal?

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