Smart technologies to monitor, inform and protect.

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  • We are a security company dedicated to providing safety and communications solutions our customers can depend on to keep their facilities secure. Why Signal?


We design, install and maintain access control systems whether you need to protect a single room or an entire network of facilities.


Our wireless IP security camera systems take advantage of the latest technology, allowing for remote control, monitoring, and data collection.


With our nurse call systems, you can track and streamline every aspect of a patient call.


Our wandering protection systems protect your facility and keep resident families informed.


Empower your staff with asset tracking by giving them the ability to track and locate staff, patients, and equipment in real-time.


Give new mothers and their families peace of mind with an infant abduction prevention system.

About Signal Technologies

Based in South Carolina, we are a team of security experts committed to excellence in design, installation and service. Our goal is to empower our customers by giving them the solutions and support they need to keep their facilities secure. We provide a premium level of service, and have become a leader in the industry for our skill and expertise.

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How thermal imaging technology can help fight COVID-19

How thermal imaging technology can help fight COVID-19

With COVID-19 presenting new challenges to communities, individuals and institutions, security upgrades are critical. We will have to rely on more advanced security measures to track the virus and keep our workplaces, care facilities and schools safe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increased desire for… Read more »

COVID-19 and an Increased Need for Security Systems

COVID-19 and an Increased Need for Security Systems

How Coronavirus is Impacting the Security Services Industry In the wake of COVID-19, industries all across the country are faced with unprecedented challenges. In the security industry, we’ve seen a significant uptick in client requests during this time, as many essential facilities must remain open and continue providing services to… Read more »

The Best Access Control System for Long Term Care Facilities

The Best Access Control System for Long Term Care Facilities

How to Choose the Best Access Control System for Your Long Term Care Facility Long term care facilities aim to provide patients and residents with the best possible care, ensuring that facility residents receive the day to day support they need to thrive. But top quality care is grounded in… Read more »

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