Audit Trails Increase Accountability and Efficiency

April 17, 2018 | Access Control

Audit Trails Increase Accountability and Efficiency

Security is a growing concern for businesses, schools and churches, but traditional lock and key access systems are not the answer. Today’s sophisticated threats require a more focused solution to keep people, equipment and information protected.

Customized electronic access control systems are the best way to protect buildings from unauthorized access, using a variety of methods including passwords, encryption keys, smartcards and fingerprints. They allow you to monitor and secure sensitive areas within your building, while also providing an audit trail.

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The audit trail is a record of system activity that provides a full chronological report of who is entering and leaving the building. This information gives you the ability to reconstruct events and settle disputes, from disagreements with employees over their weekly hours to security violations, issues of theft and data breach.

At Signal Technologies, our control access systems are designed to meet individual security, budget and building needs. They can streamline daily operations, integrate with your existing technologies and software, and allow for additions and upgrades as your security needs change in the future.

You can use the audit trail reporting feature to save your business time and money:

  • Audit trails hold workers accountable. Employees know they are responsible for their actions and supervisors can keep track without having to be around.
  • If secure information goes missing, you can easily narrow down the investigation with this kind of activity data.
  • Audit reports can show valid access, invalid access attempts, door held open too long, door forced open, equipment failure or power failure.
  • Audit trails allow you to reconstruct events after a problem with the system has occurred, to pinpoint how and why normal operations ceased.
  • Being able to see exactly what is going on in the environment can help you keep it safer.

Take control of your security with our individualized solutions. At Signal Technologies, our customers put their trust in us every day to help keep their facilities and people safe 24/7. They know that every solution we provide is tailored to ensure the best outcome and installations are handled efficiently, accurately and with minimum disturbance to their facility. Most importantly, they trust that our service and support will not let them down.

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