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Case Study

Sanford Health and Rehabilitation, Sanford, NC, Long-Term Care – Skilled Nursing Challenge: With no elopement protection or warning system in place, the facility was using battery powered door chimes to notify staff when doors were opened. Unfortunately the facility had an elopement, which exposed their need for a wander system…. Read more »


How modern access control is changing the way we protect our communities

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt around the world and across all industries. Students and teachers are reimagining the classroom, businesses are re-evaluating workspaces, and care facilities are quickly adapting to the needs of patients and residents. The way we operate public and private spaces has changed, which means… Read more »

How Thermal Imaging Technology Can Help Fight COVID-19

With COVID-19 presenting new challenges to communities, individuals and institutions, security upgrades are critical. We will have to rely on more advanced security measures to track the virus and keep our workplaces, care facilities and schools safe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increased desire for… Read more »

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