Sanford Health and Rehabilitation, Sanford, NC

Sanford Health and Rehabilitation, Sanford, NC | Wander Management

Sanford Health and Rehabilitation, Sanford, NC, Long-Term Care – Skilled Nursing

Challenge: With no elopement protection or warning system in place, the facility was using battery powered door chimes to notify staff when doors were opened. Unfortunately the facility had an elopement, which exposed their need for a wander system. Our team had successfully installed magnetic locks in one of their sister facilities in Wadesboro, NC and they called us to address the issue at Sanford Health.

Solution: We recommended securing all 21 doors in their facility. Due to budget constraints they hired us to secure three, hoping to confine wandering residents to one area. Within a year they experienced another elopement and we came back to implement our original plan, securing the remaining doors and training the entire staff to use the system.

Results: The staff feels empowered and secure, knowing they have a strong tool in place to manage and protect their residents who are prone to wandering.

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