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Case Study #2: Winston-Salem Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, Winston-Salem, NC

Challenge: After a resident of the facility eloped, the Center was no longer satisfied with the locking and alerting functions their current system provided.

Solution: Our team analyzed the issue to discover the real problems facing the facility. We found effective solutions, switching the facility mode of egress to kill switches, which allowed us to lock certain doors that could not be locked while using delayed egress. We rewired specific doors within the current system for better central notification and rewired the facility kill switches for life safety compliance. Our technicians took time to understand the individual needs of the facility and worked with the staff to find the best solutions.

Results: The solutions we implemented required working between multiple floors of a large healthcare facility. We coordinated the work of our technicians with facility staff to ensure resident safety. The improved central awareness and emergency locking will help prevent future elopement. The new equipment frees the staff to work effectively on the task at hand, knowing the new equipment will perform its task of securing the facility and protecting wandering residents.

Case Study

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Announcing our Annual Customer Support Agreement

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