Choosing a Security and Communications System You Trust

March 12, 2018 | Hospital SecuritySchool SecuritySenior Living Security

Choosing a Security and Communications System You Trust

Security is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and churches today. You need to monitor daily activity, manage access to your buildings and protect the safety of students, workers and residents.

Working with the right security and communications systems can provide the technology and tools that keep you safe and productive. But technology changes at a rapid pace. How can you be sure the company you hire will give you the flexibility, sustainability and layers of security you need?

It is essential to find a company you trust. Here are some questions to use as a checklist when reviewing a security and communications company for your facility:

  • How long has the company been providing security and access control systems?
  • Does the company provide best-in-class equipment from trusted brands?
  • What is the company’s policy of support?
  • Do they provide certified technicians after hours and on weekends?
  • Do they offer a remote link to your system so they can deliver quick diagnosis, testing and upgrades?
  • Do they have a program in place to inspect and maintain all of your systems – even older ones and those they didn’t install in the first place?
  • Do they have expert installers who work in accordance with Federal and State regulations?
  • Does the company continually introduce new technologies and work to meet the needs of those who put their trust in them?

At Signal Technologies we are proud to say we meet all the criteria outlined in these questions. Our customers put their trust in us every day to help keep their facilities and people safe 24/7. They know that every solution we provide is tailored to ensure the best outcome and installations are handled efficiently, accurately and with minimum disturbance to their facility. Most importantly, they trust that our service and support will not let them down.

We’ve been providing security and communications solutions for more than 25 years now, with a proactive approach that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our Annual Certification Program ensures each system’s long-term success, even if the technology was purchased from and installed by another vendor.

How can we help you provide the ultimate security? Call us toll-free at 800.538.7349 or visit us online at to learn more.

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