Making a “Clean” Getaway

April 19, 2017 | Access Control

Making a “Clean” Getaway

Looking for a simple and effective way to create a completely touchless environment?

Just wave your hand! The NORTON 5600 Series Hands-Free Kits combine a wave-to open switch with the 5600 power operator to open the door and provide a “clean” exit without touching hardware.

When used with automatic toilets, soap dispensers, sinks and dryers, the 5600 Hands-Free Kits provide the final piece of the puzzle for a touchless, germ-free bathroom experience. The Norton 5600 Series Hands-Free Kits feature the 5600 Low Energy Operator with a wave-to-open wall switch that can be ordered alone or with an electric strike.


  • Easily retrofit public restroom doors to become part of a touchless environment
  • Sensor in wave-to-open switch detects motion and opens door without touching hardware and transferring germs
  • Convenient kits simplify the ordering process and ensure use of the correct components
  • Industry-leading products offer reliability and durability
  • Kits available for doors with or without locking hardware to transform any opening
  • No additional power supply needed for accessories – 5600 powers both wave-to-open wall switch and electric strike.