Technology Enhances Security Systems for Health Care Facilities

November 1, 2018 | Hospital SecuritySenior Living Security

Technology Enhances Security Systems for Health Care Facilities

Security systems and components including locks, entry devices and door alarms have evolved to meet the changing needs of a high-risk world. This is particularly true in the health care industry, where threats now extend beyond the risk of fire and elopement. Active shooters, IT security, and tracking controlled substances are just a few of the constant challenges now facing heath care facilities.

In addition to meeting those demands, security systems must function seamlessly in multi-department and campus environments. From front line staff to corporate level management, users have different needs and requirements. allowing authorized staff to move freely while limiting access of patients and their visitors is critical in providing effective care.

New technologies are emerging every day to help health care facilities meet the growing security challenges. A few of the advanced access control features keeping facilities secure include:

  • Real time locating of assets and staff.
  • Integrated alerts for access control and wandering resident protection.
  • New options for authentication include proximity cards, mobile device hardware and applications, as well as hands free and biometric credentials.
  • Single Site and multi campus access levels for more granular control across a healthcare system.

At Signal Technologies we are proud to offer all the customized options that give your facility the best protection possible. Our customers put their trust in us every day to help keep their buildings and the people in them safe 24/7. They know that every solution we provide is tailored to ensure the best outcome and installations are handled efficiently, accurately and with minimum disturbance to their facility. Most importantly, they trust that our service and support will not let them down.

We’ve been providing security and communications solutions for more than 25 years now, with a proactive approach that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our Annual Certification Program ensures each system’s long-term success, even if the technology was purchased from and installed by another vendor. Signal Technologies is an industry leader in technologies that improve security and communications at facilities like yours. Every solution we provide is tailored to ensure the best outcome and installations are handled efficiently, accurately and with minimum disturbance to your facility. To discuss enrolling in the Annual Certification Program that meets your company’s individual needs contact us today.

How can we help you provide the ultimate security? Call us toll-free at 800.538.7349 or visit us online at to learn more.

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