Brandon Loggins

Brandon Loggins


A graduate of Clemson University, Brandon leads the day-to-day operations of the company. He began his role at Signal Technologies under the mentorship of Johnny Moore and quickly grew in his understanding of the company’s products and services and the importance of customer service. Through Brandon’s leadership, the team continues to strive for excellence in understanding and meeting customers’ needs.

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COVID-19 and an Increased Need for Security Systems

How Coronavirus is Impacting the Security Services Industry In the wake of COVID-19, industries all across the country are faced with unprecedented challenges. In the security industry, we’ve seen a significant uptick in client requests during this time, as many essential facilities must remain open and continue providing services to… Read more »

The Best Access Control System for Long Term Care Facilities

How to Choose the Best Access Control System for Your Long Term Care Facility Long term care facilities aim to provide patients and residents with the best possible care, ensuring that facility residents receive the day to day support they need to thrive. But top quality care is grounded in… Read more »

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