Staff and Equipment Locating Systems

Hospitals are always working to streamline the patient care process, but time lost looking for staff and equipment is a real issue. More facilities are using real-time location systems, which are wireless tracking systems used to locate equipment, patients and staff members in real time. This innovative tracking technology can quickly identify where tagged assets are located, equipping nurses and caregivers with real-time data that improves the patient experience.


Technology Enhances Security Systems for Health Care Facilities

Security systems and components including locks, entry devices and door alarms have evolved to meet the changing needs of a high-risk world. This is particularly true in the health care industry, where threats now extend beyond the risk of fire and elopement. Active shooters, IT security, and tracking controlled substances are just a few of… Read more »

Announcing our Annual Customer Support Agreement

Providing excellent service for your critical facility system is and always will be our first priority. That is why, for over a quarter century, Signal Technologies has been available for its customers 24/7. Today, we are writing to let you know about necessary changes to our service policies that will affect you. Due to increased… Read more »

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“Our staff feels more secure now that we have the tools to help manage our residents who are prone to wandering. A big thank you, Signal Technologies!”

Sanford Health and Rehabilitation, Sanford, NC